Projects I worked on


Corporate Website

A leading digital agency at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology.

Eyevinn - Video Dev Team

Company Team Website

A video development team with experience on building streaming services

Stream Corruptor

Video Product

A digitized simulator that corrupts video streams effectively

BTV - Bavarian Tennis Club

Corporate Website

An organization for the Bavarian Tennis Clubs in Germany

DIHK - Chambers of Industry and Commerce

Corporate Website

Is an organisation for 81 Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany

Eyevinn - Consuo

A Video Product Landing Page

A library that stitches pre-transcoded VOD assets into linear video stream

Signum Consulting

Corporate Website

Services provider in Pre-Employment Screening, Risk Management and Compliance in Germany.


Corporate Website

A German Real Estate with a focus on Residential properties.


Web Dashboard & IOS Hybrid App

A provider of building ready-mix concrete for exterior in Germany.


Company Website

Develops software, mobile apps, IT security, consultation, and technical support.