DIHK - Chambers of Industry and Commerce

Project Overview

Implemented the UI designs into a website for the German Chamber of Commerce, this was a content management system to allow admin users to create, read, update and delete content.


FE Developer


POs, TPMs, UI/UX Designers, BE Devs, QAs, FE Devs, DevOps


CoreMedia CMS, VEAMS, ES5/ES6, VanillaJS, SASS, Handlebars, Webpack, Sketch, Zeplin, Jira, Jenkins


Implemented high accessibility standard and documented components and ensured scalability for "new featured" modules needed in the future, conducted device and browser test, user test and UI test to make sure designs were properly implemented.

DIHK - Mobile Screens
DIHK Mobile site
DIHK - Desktop Site
DIHK Desktop site
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