Project Overview

Digitized a manual process to do inspections on client sites and cement trucks for the Cemex Health & Safety department in Germany, designed and implemented a dashboard for admins users to view, edit, upload and delete conducted inspections that employees performed on field site.


UI/UX Designer and FE Developer


PO, UI/UX Designer, FE Developer, BE Developer


Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP,


Worked closely with BE Developer and PO to develop the apps and dashboard.

Created user flows and site map navigation, icons to describe actions, and built mobile app and logos.

Designed and developed iteratively layouts for Admin Dashboards and hybrid apps.

Desktop Dashboard for admins
Cemex Web App
iOS & Android Logos and Mobile App for H&S Employees
Cemex Mobile Apps
Logistic Logo and Department Icons
Cemex Logos
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