Companies I worked for

IBM iX/Aperto
Berlin Aug2017-Apr2020

FE Developer

Served as a mentor and coach for new team members, new trainee employees, and developed educational material and career plans for Frontend Development. Facilitated team sessions using design thinking techniques. Worked with different Agile teams, cross-functional teams. Focused in multi-page web app projects for various clients, Responsive cross-browser compatibility website projects with some projects focused on accessibility, documented components, and Design Systems for various clients. Built Landing pages, Proof of Concept projects, and projects under NDA for various clients. Contributed to Open Source Projects and in-house projects: Coding guidelines and VEAMS Framework

Eyevinn Technologies
Stockholm May2020-Present

Consultant Video Developer

Specializing in video technology and media distribution, working closely with small teams, learning new technologies, tools, and best practices. Contributing to/and Improving UI/UX on various video projects in the frontend: Cloud Software Component to generate Virtual linear channels, B2B Admin Management Portals, and a Video Stream Corruptor to simulate traffic issues. Designing and building Landing pages for various video web applications with the latest tools and frameworks.

Berlin Mar2014-Jul2017

UI Designer / FE Developer

Designed and developed iteratively on Websites and Mobile Hybrid applications, Worked closely with IT team and Back-End Developers to improve and build better user interfaces and user experiences. Created and built user flow wireframes, designed high-quality mockups, and built live Prototypes, websites using CSS frameworks.

Berlin Sep2015-Nov2016

UI Designer / FE Developer

Responsible to create a Responsive Web Design for their corporate website and build the Website according to the Designs as well as a Wordpress website for one of their Services. Created new logos for their services. Worked together with team members within each department to improve SEO performance. Coached employers in how to work with Wordpress