A bit of history

My family named me Enrique, but people call me Henry.

I'm international; my parents are Colombian, but I was born in Venezuela, lived in NYC, and Connecticut for some years, moved to Madrid in 2010. Together with my partner, we moved to Berlin and recently moved to Stockholm.

I studied architecture, which I left to follow my artistic passion, then worked as an artist and illustrator for several years.

8 years ago, I started as a UI Designer, which later led me to be a Front-end Developer. Throughout my career, I have worked on multiple projects and products with great people and different teams.

My curiosity to know how something works helps me to discover and learn more. This keeps me up to date with the new trending technologies, my enthusiasm and dedication help me to reach goals.

Today I continue to collaborate with teams to build amazing things and contribute to open source technology while having fun.